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Dents don’t just disappear

Dents happen from Walmart and sometimes from the sky. Door dings often happen when run away carts at shopping areas or by others parking to close to you and smashing their door into yours only to drive off. Hail damage happens when the sky is filled with crazy sharp objects called ice and the updraft isn’t strong enough to blow them past your location and drop somewhere else. Yes, if you have been hit with hail, it was at that moment, all those ice cubes up in the sky decided in a group meeting that your vehicle or your home was their target! When they come together in their meeting in the sky, they pinpoint your vehicle and next thing you know the sky unloads tens of thousands of ice cubes (some frozen together, probably cause they are scared to make the journey by themselves) some will smash your vehicle, some will miss. Those ice cubes that have missed are usually left in your front yard like a golf ball on the green on a par 3.

Rest assured that Pueblo Hail and Dent Inc, with 4 locations in Colorado are prepared for the aftermath with top of the line and state of the art restoration process of these ice cubes falling from the air.

Dents don’t just disappear on their own, dents don’t just happen their own.

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