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How Many Dents Do You See? Adjuster Wrong

How many dents do you see?

Pueblo Hail and Dent Repair

How many dents do you see on this rear quarter of this 2016 Yukon Extended? Most insurance companies group dents into categorizes of (1-5) (6-15) (16-30) During a hail storm insurance companies send in teams of adjusters and they are in a hurry to get as many vehicles assessed as possible. If your vehicle has been damaged by a hail storm and you didn’t get your vehicle repaired properly, chances are very good that your vehicle was not assessed properly and you may have been happy to stick a few thousand dollars in your pocket, but if you go to get your vehicle repaired you can expect a much higher number than what the insurance company originally gave you. This drive through estimating process is part of the process and it gets the process moving in order to start the repairs needed, and the paperwork needed for the SHOP OF YOUR CHOICE. Here at Pueblo Hail and Dent, all we need is your vehicle and your paperwork and often times the repairs are started on your vehicle the day after you drop it off and our internal paperwork is complete. Parts that are needed are ordered through the manufacture (no aftermarket parts are used) at Pueblo Hail and Dent except accessories and glass. However we do use the same glass company as the dealers around the area. We also offer weekly and biweekly vehicle updates on your youtube channel. Gog hail damage? Give us a call at 719-542-3520 or stop in at 4933 N. Elizabeth St, Pueblo Colorado 81008


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