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La Junta location at this time is by appointment only.  We are only 10 minutes away, give us a call to schedule.  855-719-4245

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

PDR is an insurance preferred repair process of permanently removing hail dents from a vehicles exterior surface without applying traditional body shop methods such as body fillers, paint or replacement panels. Therefore maintaining a vehicles original manufacturer paint and value.

Do I have to go where my insurance company says?

No. By law, the choice is yours. if you choose their shop you will pay your deductible. They are under contract with your insurance company and must charge you.  We are also called into these shops to manage storms and do the repairs. Pueblo Hail and Dent Inc, is as reputable as any company they recommend.  We just pass the savings onto you by cutting out the middle man.

"Quality is not an act, it's a habit"

Paint Free Hail Repair


Matthew Martinez

Matthew has managed many hail storms around the United States and has been practicing the art of Paintless Dent Removal in Pueblo and surrounding areas for over 18 years.

Level:   Master


Michael Bocek

Michael has been a large dent and metal specialist practicing the art of Paintless dent removal and has joined the hail teams three years ago.  Michael has competed in the World Dent Olympics and owns 217Dent and has a youtube channel that will allow you to learn all about him, his career and his family.

Level:  ARC Certified Master Verify by clicking 

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