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Shop Cooking 003 Pueblo Hail and Dent, Pueblo Colorado 81008 Today we are continuing to wait on approval from a insurance company on a 2016 Yukon, Eric is working on a 2016 Toyota Rav4, the Toyota 4runner is sent off to the body shop to have the hood painted and fenders blended and Ken is continuing to work on this 2018 Subaru Crosstrek that is beat down with 3 inch hail damage and the glass guys come in and remove the rear quarter glass to get it ready for the body shop. The body shop did stop in today and went over some details about our expectations of quality on this vehicle. Mike was tied up with body shops and adjusters all day today and tucked back in his office and occasionally coming out to cook along with master tech/chief Ken. They Creative Auto guys installed a brush guard on a dodge 3500 today.. Over all we had a great day, accessories were installed, partial approval on the Toyota, the Town and Country returned from the body shop, and an apology from a insurance company for allowing a file to slip through. All in a day’s work at and great Sweet Onions, chicken and vegetables were cooked all day. Got hail damage, bring your vehicle in at Pueblo hail and Dent, located at 4933 North Elizabeth Street in Pueblo Colorado, 81008 Give us a call at (719)542-3520 and we will get those dents or hail out of your vehicle.


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